What our happy customers say about our plants!

We had a lovely time tonight creating 'Bob1' and 'Bob2'.


These activity packs are great for the kids and all the fun facts and instructions were easy to follow. We will be back for more.

Thank you Grow My Wellbeing.

- Louise -

Lene Review.JPG

My children loved this. The pack came with everything we needed and the instructions were easy to follow. By painting the pots, they have personalised them and keen to look after them. Highly recommend.

- Lene -

Lauren Review.jpg

Chantal’s kits were a perfect kids activity for the Easter holidays. As well as the craft aspect of decorating the pot, I’m excited to give the boys their own plants to be more responsible for while making my interior space more beautiful!

Plants are the gifts that keeps on giving.

- Lauren -

Michaela Review4.JPG

My two had so much fun creating and planting these today thanks to Grow My Wellbeing. Would highly recommend and will definitely be buying these again.

- Michaela -

Katherine Review.jpg

I got the kids a plant and pot decorating pot set and got myself one too! We had great fun painting our pots then planting our plants. We can’t wait to watch them grow and I love the care cards which are perfect for houseplant forgetters like me! Such a great idea and really well executed products.

- Catherine -

'We are in love with the colour and naturalness the plants bring to the Bakeshop. The little splashes of green look gorgeous in our store.

Chantal comes in regularly to make sure the plants are well fed and happy. 

We look forward to seeing the plants grow to create a lovely oasis.

Such a delight!'

Susanne - The Street Bakeshop