“'As part of our curriculum we were covering plants. Grow my Well-being provided us with a Peace Lily to kick off our project. The children were totally hooked especially looking at and adding worm poo!!'

Painted Terracotta Pots

– Mrs Boyle - St Mark's Primary School –

How can your School benefit from mindful planting bundles?

Whether your class is learning about nature or whether you'd like to encourage mindful planting amongst your pupils, the Grow My Wellbeing planting bundles come with everything you and your pupils need to plant and grow your own.

Each mindful planting bundle includes a rooted plant, measured out soil components, planting instruction cards and pots.

Pupils will:

  • understand how a plant's root system works and how plants gather food through their roots
  • experience a mindful connection to nature by smelling earthy soils, touching gritty perlite and feeling fluffy coco coir
  • learn how to propagate their own plants to grow their own - a great opportunity to sell their new plants as a fundraising idea for their school
  • have the opportunity to care for their plants and enjoy a mindful activity when their minds feel full

Plant care benefits for children and young people

A mindful connection to nature

A purpose caring for another living thing

A sense of pride seeing new growth

Stimulation of senses

Discovering a plant's role in the echo system

Breathing cleaner air

Exploring geographical locations and origins of different plants

Developing a nurturing attitude

Enjoying the calming effect of the colour green

Learning about nature

'Would totally recommend and will be using again next year!'

Peace Lily

– Mrs Boyle - St Mark's Primary School –