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The colour green is a dominant colour in nature and it evokes a feeling of abundance. Green is associated with refreshment and peace, rest and security and it helps people feel rested and secure.

​Whether you're a coffee shop or hair salon owner looking to inject some greenery into your space or an employer looking for a wellbeing plant bundle for your employees, we have flexible, tailored plant bundles to meet your needs.

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Plants can stimulate children's senses as they can feel the gritty perlite between their fingers, smell the earthy soil, hear the trickle of water as they water their plant and touch the silky smooth leaves.

Growing plants can also give children a sense of empowerment as they see their little plant grow from a tiny cutting to a beautifully fully grown plant.

​If your topic this term is about nature, wellbeing or mindfulness, our indoor plant bundles can compliment your children's learning journey as they'll connect with nature indoors and learn the fundamental elements of keeping and caring for plants.

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Whether you're looking for a new houseplant for yourself, a fun plant bundle for your child, a birthday gift for a friend or a leaving gift for a colleague, you are bound to find something unique in our shop.

​Our houseplant bundles make a fun, unique option for anyone looking to inject nature into their homes. All plant bundles come with everything you need to plant your new plant, including rooted cutting, pots, soil components and plant care cards. Best of all is that you get to connect with nature indoors by getting your hands dirty and planting your own plant.

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“I attended a plant workshop with some friends and it was a perfect night out, would highly recommend! Chantal produced lovely bundles for each of us and taught us all about them. My plant is happily growing on the windowsill still. It was such a lovely experience to do with friends and I will come again!“


– Lara  –