Orange Wax Cotton Pot Bundle (Medium)


A beautiful orange, wax decorative pot to accompany your houseplant collection.

Choose from a selection of rooted cuttings to go with your pot.

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This beautiful orange wax cotton plant pot bundle comes with everything you need to plant your own plant.

Your bundle includes:

– Rooted plant of your choice (choose from Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Tradescantia, Jade Plant or Pothos) *

– 12cm soy wax, vegan, plastic free pot

– 10cm biodegradable coco coir pot

– 5 x measured out soil components for you to mix together (houseplant soil, bark, perlite, coco coir and worm castings)

– Plant information card

– All beautifully packaged in a gift bag


* Please make sure to specify your plant of choice in comments upon checkout. If you are unsure what plant might be best suited for your room, or if you already have all of the plants specified above, please get in touch and we’ll be very happy to help.