DIY Succulent Pots


Outdoor DIY succulent bundles for those looking for low maintenance, ever green, drought tolerant plants.

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Calling anyone looking for outdoor plants that are hardy, sun loving, low maintenance, resilient in all weather conditions and super fast growers…these DIY succulent pot bundles might just be for you!

Each bundle contains the following:

  • Terracotta pot
  • 3 x Mini, rooted succulents
  • Measured out soil and sand
  • Plant information & care card
  • All beautifully packaged in environmentally friendly packaging

The Grow My Wellbeing mindful planting bundles are an opportunity to get your hands dirty and have a connection to nature by touching gritty sand and smelling earthy soils. Simply mix your soils together, gently place your succulents into the soil, give it a drink, pop it in the sun and watch it grow. Water well when the soil is dry to touch.




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