Anthurium Crystallinum Plant Bundle


Beautiful Anthurium crystallinum bundles complete with bamboo pot, measured out soils and plant care card.

The perfect gift!

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Anthurium Crystallinum plant bundles are propagated and sold upon request. The main plant pictured here has not been propagated as yet. Plant bundle cuttings will be taken from the main plant shown here.


The Anthurium Crystallinum plants are relatively easy to care for, making it a favourite with its bright green, heart shaped leaves.

Origin: Native to rain forests in Central and South America.

Water: Water regularly, particularly in the summer months.

Growth Size: A mature Anthurium Crystallinum can grow up to 18 inches indoors.

Light: Thrives in lots of bright, natural light. Can tolerate direct morning sun.

Toxicity: Considered as toxic to cats. Please avoid consumption

This plant bundle includes:

– Rooted Anthurium Crystallinum

– 15cm Bamboo pot

– 5 x Good quality soil components for you to mix together

– Plant information card with helpful information of how to care for your Anthurium Crystallinum


*We’re using bamboo pots for our slightly larger plants as bamboo pots are made from 100% natural bamboo fibres and they’re great for the environment. These pots are free from petroleum-based plastics and they are 100% biodegradable. Traditional plastic pots take 500 years to decompose whereas bamboo pots break down in active compost within 6 months.


Size of plants may vary from what is shown in the picture.


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