Spider plants are known as one of the most adaptable houseplants as it can thrive in a wide range of conditions. 


Origin: South African tropical rainforest


Water: Water when the top part of the soil feels dry. They tend to be thirsty plants so water every week or two


Growth Size: They are fast growers and they typically develop long, trailing vines. 


Light: They prefer bright, indirect light where they will flourish but they can also tolerate low light rooms. 


Toxicity: Not considered toxic to humans and animals. 


This plant bundle includes: 
- Rooted Spider Plant cuttings 
- 10cm Coco coir pot* 
- 13cm Terracotta pot & saucer 
- 5 x Good quality soil components for you to mix together 
- Plant information card with helpful information of how to care for your Spider Plant 


*Coco coir pots are better for the environment as there is no use of plastic. Coir pots are made from biodegradable wood pulp which encourages stronger, healthier plant roots. When your plant outgrows the coir pot, simply transfer the coir pot including plant to its new soil component with minimal disturbance to the plant's roots. 


Size of the plants may vary from what is shown in the picture.

Spider Plant