The kids (and adults!) will enjoy this bundle!


Enjoy painting your terracotta pot with a choice of acrylic paint colours before planting your beautiful rooted Peace Lily cutting.


The Peace Lily is an easy to care for house plant. 


Origin: Originates from tropical rain forests of Colombia and Venezuela.


Water: They will tell you when they need water by drooping. Water when the soil feels dry, every week or so.


Growth Size: When fully grown, the Peace Lily can grow up to 1 - 4 feet tall, they have beautiful bright green leaves and striking white flowers.


Light: They prefer bright, indirect sunlight.


Toxicity: Toxic to animals and humans when consumed. Please prevent small children and animals from consuming the plant.


This plant bundle includes: 

- Rooted Peace Lily

- 10cm Coco coir pot*

- 13cm Terracotta pot

- 2 x Paint brushes (colour of the handles may vary)

- Variety of 5 x different colours acrylic paints (colours may vary)

- 5 x Good quality soil components for you to mix together

- Planting instruction card

- Plant information card with helpful information of how to care for your Peace Lily


* Coco coir pots are better for the environment as there is no use of plastic in them. Coir pots are 100% biodegradable as they are made from wood pulp which encourages stronger, healthier plant roots. When your plant outgrows the coir pot, simply transfer the coir pot including the plant to its new soil component with minimal distrubance to the plant's roots.

Peace Lily