Plant Bundles

A huge'thank you' to Chantal, who put together the most beautiful plant bundles as a leaving gift for someone special. Such a unique and special present - would thoroughly recommend!'

- Naomi -

What's included in our plant bundles? 

- Rooted plant cutting of your choice

- 10cm Coco Coir pot*

- 13cm Terracotta pot and saucer*

- 5 x soil components separately packaged for you to mix together (houseplant soil, bark, coco coir, perlite, worm castings)

- Planting instruction card

- Plant information card to help you to care for your plant

Please keep plants away from small children and animals as some plants are classed as toxic when consumed.

Plant sizes may vary from what is shown in the pictures.

* Coco Coir pots and terracotta pots are not suitable for our large Monstera Deliciosa plants. Due to the size, Monstera Deliciosa plants come with an alternative 15cm pot.

Plant Bundle_edited.jpg

Click on the photos below to find out what is included in each of our unique plant bundles!