Mental health benefits of caring for houseplants

There are many mental health benefits to keeping and caring for houseplants. Many studies have shown that houseplant care can improve our mood and reduce our stress levels.

But what is so special about houseplants and how can they have such a positive effect on our mental health?

It has been proven that indoor plants can clean the air around us. Data suggests that every year, 4 million people worldwide die prematurely due to indoor air pollution. Pollution levels are believed to be higher indoors due to factors such as dust particles and bacteria. The build up of toxins and bacteria could contribute to Sick Building Syndrom (SBS) which is believed to be caused by dust, toxins and poor ventilation or air quality.

The natural way to remove these toxins would be to open doors and windows and to allow fresh air to flow through our indoor spaces. However, during winter months here in the UK, it is not always possible to whip open our windows and doors due to the cold so a great alternative could be to have indoor plants!

Indoor plants purify the air around us, they remove all the nasty toxins that we breath in and they improve our air quality.

Not only that, it gives us a purpose to look after another living thing and we feel pride seeing our new plant grow.

The colour green is a dominant colour which makes us think of growth. Green evokes a feeling of abundance and is associated with refreshment and peace, rest and security so imagine having a whole sea of green in your space!

If you’re new to plants and would like to give plant care a go, please get in touch to find out what easy to care for houseplants might be suitable for your space.

If you’re already an avid houseplant collector, I hope your plants bring you just as much joy as they do for me.

Happy planting!


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