Kids Plant Bundles

Kids (and adults!) will enjoy this bundle!

What's included in our kids plant bundles? 

- Rooted plant cutting of your choice

- 10cm Coco Coir pot

- 13cm Terracotta pot and saucer

- Paints and paint brushes to paint your terracotta pot

- 5 x soil components separately packaged for you to mix together (houseplant soil, bark, coco coir, perlite, worm castings)

- Planting instruction card

- Plant information card to help you to care for your plant

You will learn interesting information about the origin of your chosen plant as well as what your plant needs to thrive.

These bundles have been popular as Easter gifts, new sibling gifts, birthdays or 'just because'. 

Please prevent small children and animals from consuming any plants as some plants are classed as toxic when consumed.

Plant sizes may vary from what is shown in the pictures.

'These plant bundles are great for us to do as a whole family.  The bundles came with everything we needed and the instructions were really easy to follow. The children have personalised their pots and we're looking forward to watching our plants grow.'

- Catherine -

Kids Bundle Main Pic.jpg