Houseplant Care Tips

Houseplants don't just make our homes look beautiful, they are great for our mental health and wellbeing too!

If you're new to keeping indoor plants, it may seem daunting to keep them alive but if you find the right plant for your environment, it will thrive with a few easy to follow plant care tips.

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Houseplants and humidity

Central heating can dry out the atmosphere in our homes and therefore drying out our plants. If your plants suffer from brown, dry leaves, it may need humidity around it. 

Here are a few easy steps to follow to increase the humidity for your plants: 

- Place your plant pot on a bed of pebbles covered with water. 

- Mist your plant once a week.

- Bundle your plants together to create a micro-climate.

- Place your plant in the bathroom to soak up the steam from your shower or bath. 

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Watering your houseplants

Over watering is most definitely the main cause of death for houseplants. It's easier to revive an under-watered plant than an over-watered plant. 


Signs your plants need water: 

- Drooping, wilting leaves

- Brown leaf edges

- The pot feels light when picked up

Signs your plants are over-watered: 

- Stagnant water in the bottom of the pot

- White furry, mushy soil

- Little flying fungus gnats


Monstera Leaf.jpg

Light levels for houseplants

All plants need light, but too much bright light can damage houseplants. Most houseplants do best in bright, indirect light such as an east- or west-facing windowsill. A south-facing windowsill that gets full sun is best suited to desert plants such as cacti and other succulents.

Yellowing and dropping leaves and small leaves are all signs that your plant is not getting enough light.


Keep an eye on your plants and move them if you see signs of too much or too little light.

Banana Cleaning Leaf1.jpg

Cleaning your houseplants

Houseplant leaves can become dusty and dull looking. To give your plant leaves an extra special treat and a beautifully shiny look, use the inside of a banana skin to wipe your leaves. 


Enjoy your shiny new leaves - your plants will love you for it!