3 Month Plant Subscription

Houseplants are known to purify the air around us and enhance the look of any room they're in. The Grow My Wellbeing Plant subscription is the perfect gift for any plant lover. Whether you're treating yourself or a friend or loved one, the 3 month plant subscription is a fun, mindful, unique way to bring nature into any space.  

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What makes the Grow My Wellbeing Plant Subscription unique? 

Instead of receiving a fully grown houseplant, you will receive a mindful planting bundle which includes everything you need to plant your new houseplant. 

Connection with nature is so vital to all of us, whether you're a child or an adult. When we're in nature, touching silky smooth leaves, feeling gritty sand, smelling earthy soil - it gives us a sense of calm and an opportunity to switch off our busy minds to truly relax.


The Grow My Wellbeing plant bundles are unique as we propagate all of our own plants into rooted cuttings and each bundle comes with the following: 


- Rooted plant*

- Coco Coir pot

- Terracotta pot & saucer

- Measured out soil components to mix together

- Planting instruction card

- Plant care card

- A fun brass plant animal to decorate your plants with**

- All beautifully packaged in a gift bag

* rooted plants in the subscription can include Pothos, Peace Lily, Philodendron Brasil, Snake Plant, African Milk Tree, Tradescantia and Jade Plant. Plants will be sent out at random each month, depending on their readiness and availability.

** brass animals vary and can include an orangutan, tree frog, praying mantis, chameleon or bush baby.

The first plant bundle will be sent within 1 week of a received order. The following two plant bundles will be sent within 4 weeks of each other. 

The cost per 3 month plant subscription is £65 which includes all of the above, including postage

(please select the 'free delivery' option when checking out).

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