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My name is Chantal and I’ve always loved houseplants. My love for indoor plants started growing even more during the Covid 2020 lockdown.

I soon realised what enormous benefits to my mental health caring for indoor plants gave me.

As for many parents, home schooling two young boys was tough. I felt mentally drained after every day of home schooling and I needed something to focus on to calm my busy brain. My houseplants helped me do just that - I find total peace, calm and relaxation when watering, misting, propagating and repotting my plants – my form of meditation.

Grow My Wellbeing is unique in that I propagate all of my own plants into rooted cuttings, I provide the pot and right amount of super healthy soil for you to grow your own beautiful indoor jungle. No need to spend so much money on fully grown plants and no more wastage by buying huge bags of soil and wasting the leftover soil that you don’t use. And best of all, you get the pleasure of watching your new plant grow.

My hope is that the benefits of growing and caring for your indoor plants can be as positive to your wellbeing as they are to mine.


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As well as looking good in our homes, houseplants can support human health and wellbeing.

Recent studies have shown that keeping houseplants can help to reduce anxiety as well as improve the quality of indoor air which ultimately can make you feel happier.

If you've never kept houseplants before, it may seem daunting to know where to start or how to care for them but with the right, easy to care for plants and a little guidance, you can grow your own beautiful indoor jungle. 

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